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Our goals and mission as a company:

About Us

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I'm Odis Bledsoe III, CEO of Home Answers Inc. where we have assembled Washington DC's best contractors.

Our mission as a company is to make it easy for people to maintain and improve their homes.


A great portion of the homes and buildings here in Washington DC were built in and before the Post Civil War Boom of 1945. 

For this reason, the vast majority of homes and buildings in our area are 50+ years old and require maintenance and renovation to fully be enjoyed by homeowners like you.

We are constantly working to make the upkeep and improvement of homes and buildings increasingly easy. We love receiving feedback from both our customers AND potential customers on how we can best serve your needs. 

So "drop us a line", suggestion or complement!

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Company Culture

We started in 2014 with the goal of helping family and close friends maintain and improve their homes. 

As a quickly growing company, we're able to pivot easily and respond to our customer's needs without anything getting in our way.

Our Vision

In addition to creating jobs for and finding home improvement solutions for Washington DC residents, I would describe Home Answers Inc as a socially impactful company.

Working to make home improvement fair for everyone by giving home owners and business owners control over choosing the best contractors for the job and for the best price.

Fast, Easy, and Reliable.

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